Posted 2 years agoLabrador Retriever / American Pit Bull Terrier

Est. Birthdate: 5/11/2019
Gender: Female


Jiminy Crickets! Our own sweet and funny Cricket is wishing on a star to meet you. Playful and animated, this energetic girl will make you smile and laugh with her quirky personality. She is a loyal people-pleaser who wants to cuddle up next to you on the couch, and she wouldn’t object to sleeping with you at night. House-trained, Cricket knows the commands sit, no, and down and is learning stay and come. She’s also working very hard on her leash skills because she loves to go for walks. She is strong and likes to pull on the leash, especially if she wants to play with another dog. Cricket is an excellent car companion and enjoys her trips to the dog park where she gets excited to meet other dogs and owners. Her puppy energy when meeting a new friend can be a bit much for calmer canines, but she settles down nicely once she’s said hello. She loves playing with other dogs and would do well in a home with another dog. Cricket also enjoys her toys and games of fetch and tug-of-war. Though she’s a spirited dog, she also is happy to have periods of calm and rest, especially if it means snuggling with you. Cricket would be happiest in an active family with time to exercise her and continue her training. Can you make Cricket’s dream come true?


  • Friendly Toward Strangers
  • Tolerates being alone
  • Requires moderate level of exercise

Compatible with:

  • Dogs

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