Posted 2 years agoDomestic Short Hair

Est. Birthdate: 5/21/2020
Gender: Male
Size: Small


For those that don’t know Marty’s story, he came to use from an abuse situation where he was set on fire. This made building trust between him and his foster a bit harder than a normal medical case. His foster tells his story better than we ever could:

Marty has really been through a lot. He was set on fire, lost a tendon and has some medical issues.

First let me address the medical. He gets constipated, but wait! He takes a medication for it and it works super great. He will need to have a vet that he will get to know fairly well but not very often. He also loves a specific food (it’s super affordable!) that’s moist and helps keep him regular.

Yes, that’s a diaper, but don’t let that put you off. He only wears it on days that the medication works a little too well. He doesn’t need it 24/7 and please note that his medication is pretty dialed in. The diaper is more for extra protection.

He really needs a loving home that will realize he is a super great cat. He’s completely transformed from a very distrustful and scared cat (who can blame him) to a loving and loyal foster. He’s completely cat and kid friendly. He has a glowing, hilarious personality and he loves his snuggles and scratches. He has been around dogs but he can take them or leave them. Now, you might think I’m saying all this because I want him adopted, and believe me I do, however it’s all true. Our home will be lessened and less love filled when he leaves but it makes way for us to take on more medical cases to care for and save more lives.

I’ve attached some of his pics of his journey but kept it Instagram friendly and non graphic. He’s really blossomed because of the care and loving rescue made possible by OPA.

If you are interested in learning more about Marty fill out an application on our website to have your information sent to his foster to start the conversation. There is no obligation to adopt when filling out the application.


  • House trained
  • Neutered
  • Has special needs

Compatible with:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Children

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