Posted 2 years agoAmerican Bulldog

Est. Birthdate: 7/24/2014
Gender: Male
Size: Large


Hey, hey and howdy! My name’s Rocket. My foster mom also calls me Rocket Man, Rocky, the Rock & Mr. Pupper. She’s silly. I’m currently living in Texas with my furry foster siblings as well as a few house pups all of which I enjoy playing with and exploring the outdoors. I’m retired so play, eat, sleep, walks and treats are currently my favorite hobbies. However, from what I’ve seen on Facebook and Instagram, I believe I’d be down for exploring and other outdoor adventures.

My foster mom wants to chime in… Rocket has lived with me and my pack for several months now. He’s a tall gorgeous brindle coated man with a playful quirky personality. Majestic in his stature. Regal in his composure. HIGHLY treat & food motivated has resulted in super easy crate training, gentle leash walking, successful stair climbing and basic commands being mastered. His gait on walks resembles that of a thoroughbred trotting.

Rocket is basically a puppy in a big boy’s fur suit. Due to his recent medical treatment he’s been previously limited regarding exercise & exertion. Now, however, it’s on! I’d LOVE to see him adopted into an active family. Due to his size (78 pounds and tall) little humans may be a bit intimidated and intimidating. However, anyone who respects animals, either young or adult, would be incredibly happy to share playtime, training or chill moments with Rocket.

Favorite place to nap? Couch, human’s bed, crate
Favorite toy? Anything he can be engaged with
Favorite treat? TRUE CHEWS

Rocket was surrendered to a local shelter by his previous family. As a result, some dogs, like Rocket, will feel abandoned. He would benefit from continuing his training, reassuring him he’s safe and loved, never to be abandoned again. The family that adopts Rocket will be adding a stunningly precious dog to their home. He’s worth any extra effort and supremely prepared for his new life.


  • House trained
  • Needs a house with a fenced yard

Compatible with:

  • Dogs
  • Children

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Apply with my Pet ID: D210414