Posted 6 years agoSmooth Collie

Est. Birthdate: 7 yr
Gender: Male
Size: Large


Tony came to us from local shelter. He is very in-tune to his people. He gets along with other pups and enjoys a good romp and playtime. Tony is making progress with his manners, and is generally an easy keeper! At 7 years, Tony is still quite an active boy, athletic and agile, making him an ideal candidate for a running or walking buddy. He can be a rascal around cats (the chase is just too much fun to resist) so a no-cat home would be best! While Tony adores attention from the kiddos, he’s not quite aware of his own exuberance, and would be a better fit for a home with older, respectful children. Tony has waited a long time for a forever home. We know his his family is out there, just waiting to connect! As his foster family, we will miss him! We would love to hear how he is doing should you choose to add Tony to your family, and send updates!


  • Neutered
  • Tolerates being alone
  • Requires moderate level of exercise
  • Needs a house with a fenced yard

Compatible with:

  • Dogs

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