About Operation Pets Alive

Operation Pets Alive believes that many in our community share our values with regard to homeless dogs and cats. Therefore, we see a need to increase community awareness and community involvement regarding the No-Kill movement and the plight of homeless dogs and cats in our community. We want to help people do the right thing for animals.

Our Mission

Operation Pets Alive is a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer, nonprofit organization striving to elevate Montgomery County to a No-Kill community through innovative programs that:

  • Raise community awareness
  • Reduce the number of dogs and cats that enter our shelters
  • Increase the number of dogs and cats that leave our shelters alive

Operation Pets Alive!

Our Values

We believe that life is precious and the finality of death should truly be a last resort. We believe that the term “euthanasia” should be used only in reference to “the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals (as domestic animals) in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy” or for truly aggressive animals and should not be used for the killing of healthy or treatable animals with a fair or better prognosis for a quality life.

We value the human spirit, the desire to make the world a better place for animals and humans alike, and the ability of people to bring about change. We value teamwork and recognize the need to treat each other with respect and fairness.


Our Goals

Reducing Killing in Shelters

We want to make a significant contribution to reduced killing in shelters through treatment of treatable animals, training, adoption, foster and rescue.

Decreasing Pets that Enter Shelters

We want to make a significant contribution toward decreasing the number of pets entering shelters through spay and neuter, reclaim, retention and rehoming.

Tenets of the No-Kill Equation

We see a need to help shelters manage “at risk” shelter dogs and cats. We promote workable tenets of No-Kill sheltering as listed in the No-Kill Equation and defined as saving over 90% of shelter animals.

Community Adoptions

We see a top-notch Community Adoption Program as one key element (including off-site adoptions, community involvement, spay/neuter, behavioral modification, medical support, pet retention guidance, pet re-homing support, value for money).

Become a Volunteer and join us!

To get involved NOW, drop us an email at: volunteer@operationpetsalive.org.

Meet our amazing Board of Directors!

Amy Cullum


Sue Woody

Vice President

Jane Holman


Deidre Northcott


Deanna Ooley

Member at Large

Supporters – Partners

Angel's Animal Hospital
Groves Neighborhood Animal Veterinarian
Rayford Animal Wellness Clinic
Stone Ridge Animal Hospital

Supporters – Businesses

The Woodlands Heating & Air Conditioning
Johnson Development Corp.
Tracy Steven Photography