Flight For Life #8!

Flight For Life #8!

Betty, Frannie, Dudley, Melinda and Mickey were all adopted within days of going up for adoption. Squirt had several families interested in her and was here a little longer waiting for people to meet her. She was adopted by a great family who loved her friendly, peppy nature!

Honey, Mu Mu, Bailey, Abel, and Kora were the second wave of adoptions. Honey was adopted by a family who had experience with herding dogs and they were so excited to take her home.

Tiger was adopted by a couple with another dog. The dogs got along well and they fell in love with Tiger. He was adopted more quickly than we thought and we are all so happy with the wonderful home he found!!

Clayton was held up a bit with the bite wound on his nose. Once he was cleared from quarantine he was adopted fast. There’s older kids in the home and they all absolutely love him.

Tina was held back because of kennel cough – she most likely got it here. She was pretty stressed out when she got here but became friendlier after she was here awhile… then found a super home! She will get lots of exercise and love!

After resolving the medical issues with Lucy, she was adopted by a great couple with another dog. They came to pick her up with a seatbelt and leash, and couldn’t wait to bring her home.

Charlotte ended up being more nervous than we thought, and the staff person who took her home couldn’t deal with her needs. She was adopted by a mom and her teenage daughter and they were both grinning ear to ear when they came to pick her up.

Poncho and Simon were here the longest and both found homes with people who understood their needs. Poncho will come back for his heartworm treatment once he settles into his new home, and Simon was so happy to hop in the car with his new family!

All of the dogs are safe and sound up in the Northeast so wish them good luck with their new families!