Giving Tuesday Update

Giving Tuesday Update

The moment our donors have been waiting for… to see who won PAWS vs CLAWS! We waited a few days to let everyone have a chance to respond to our request for their votes. Many couldn’t decide or decided not to cast a vote, but we had a clear winner. Congrats to all of Team Paws donors in showing up and showing your love for dogs.

See more on our Paws vs Claws campaign here.

The final tally was Team Paws 4,585 to 1,831 for Team Claws. The true winners in our friendly #GivingTuesday competition are all of the cats and dogs that will be helped by your generous donations!

Our original goal for Giving Tuesday was $7,000 and we started the day with $3,555. By 11am we surpassed our goal and decided to make goal #2 of reaching $10,500! Again, our second goal was absolutely smashed! You helped us raise $19,606 AND we are receiving a $5,000 match from a generous donor’s company! Bringing out total to more than $24,000!

Thanks to our Facebook donors, we may also be eligible for up to $5,000 in matching from Facebook. We’ll know what donation amount qualifies mid-January. Follow us on Facebook and watch our website for an announcement on the final matching we receive.

January 2022 Update

Our final total raised for GivingTuesday was $25,160.50 with a $455 match from Facebook. Thanks again to all who donated and we look forward to putting these funds to good use!