Injured Cats and Dogs Need Your Help!

Injured Cats and Dogs Need Your Help!

Operation Pets Alive’s biggest expense every year is medical care. Every single dog and cat we save needs some form of vet care, whether it’s spay/neuter or more serious procedures like amputation of a limb.

In 2021, we spent more than $340,000 on the cats and dogs in our care that needed medical attention. So far in 2022, we are spending $50,000 monthly on medical care.

Pictured below are several dogs and cats that OPA has helped in 2022. And we’re not even halfway through the year! These dogs and cats need your support and OPA greatly appreciates the community who make our life-saving programs possible.

Please donate to OPA to help us save more dogs and cats that will inevitably need our help in 2022. Whether you donate $5 or $500, you will help make an impact.

OPA thanks you for your support!

You can donate via our May Medical Fundraiser here:

Or if our Facebook fundraiser has closed, donate through PayPal and see all the ways you can donate here:

Bosley, a Pup in Need

Bosley in his foster home, waiting on surgery!

Bosley may look good on the outside, but his ears are a mess! This sweet boy has suffered from painful and chronic ear infections that have created scar tissue. He will receive a Total Ear Canal Ablation to remove infected tissue and relieve his pain. You can read more about Bosley and donate to the fundraiser to cover his surgery that is estimated to cost $3,000, here: (Facebook pays all the processing fees, yay!)

Tipsy, a New Kitty Tripod

Tipsy, black medical foster tripod cata

Tipsy ended up at the Conroe Animal Shelter with two broken legs. The vet believes she may have been hit by a car and was suffering and in pain. One leg had to be amputated, but the other is doing well, and she is recovering like a champ! You can donate to our medical fundraiser and read more about Tipsy on Facebook here:

Luna, a Double Splinted Puppy

Luna would like your attention. This sweet girl also has two broken legs! It’s likely that she was hit by a car, but she won’t hold it against them. She’ll be ready to go for a ride with her new family when she is healed and adopted! See more photos of Luna and donate to our medical fundraiser here:

Another Injured Kitty

This sweet baby had a leg that was all scraped up and very painful! While we can’t be sure how it happened, what we do know is that with your support, OPA could get her treated and free of pain! Donate to our medical fundraiser on Facebook here:

Injured, Abandoned Puppy

This sweet puppy was found in a pasture with a severe injury to her ear that was infested with maggots. She was brought to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, and OPA stepped up to help. Donate to our medical fundraiser on Facebook here:

Thank you so much for supporting OPA and helping care for the homeless animals of Montgomery County! Make sure you follow us on social media to keep up with the latest in our medical rescues! Here’s where you can find us: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.