OPA Celebrates 10 Years!

OPA Celebrates 10 Years!

OPA begins 2021 celebrating 10 years of service to dogs, cats and residents of Montgomery County!  Over OPA’s 10-year history, we have remained consistently at or near the top of all rescues regarding the number of animals pulled from the two Montgomery County shelters.  OPA was the first to introduce innovative programs to our shelters such as larger scale transport programs, Trap, Neuter, Return programs and “Dogs Playing for Life” enrichment programs. We have contributed significantly to the achievements of both Montgomery County Animal Shelter and the Conroe Animal Shelter in their advancements toward no-kill.

In 2011, when Operation Pets Alive (OPA) was founded, 51% of the cats and dogs at Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas, were being killed due to a lack of life-saving programs. The immediate goal of the Founding Board of OPA was to reduce these numbers and save as many adoptable companion animals as possible. Our strategy was to focus on a few of the ten programs that had demonstrated effectiveness in achieving a no-kill community.

Ten years later, OPA’s hundreds of volunteers have saved the lives of thousands of at-risk animals. The Montgomery County Animal Shelter, thanks in part to OPA’s efforts, along with the work of dozens of other rescues, now has a live release rate of 95.8%. Conroe Animal Shelter, a city-run facility, has benefited from the assistance of more rescue help and changed public attitudes, and currently has an 88% live-release rate. The proven no-kill programs identified during OPA’s inception have largely been put in place. Operation Pets Alive’s original goal of making Montgomery County, Texas, a No-Kill Community has become a reality.

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