Petco Love Stories Submissions

Petco Love Stories Submissions

Since 2013, more than 20,000 adopters have shared the big and small ways their pets have changed their lives for the better with Petco Love. These Love Stories have earned the animal welfare organizations across the country that work hard year-round to make these adoption matches possible more than $7 million in lifesaving grant awards.

Petco Love is looking for a diverse range of stories, from those that celebrate the simple ways that pets bring more joy to everyday life, to one-of-a-kind, extraordinary stories. They want all adopters to be able to see themselves in these stories, and animal lovers of all backgrounds to be inspired by the life-changing power of adoption.

Please help Operation Pets Alive win up to $100,000 in lifesaving grant awards, by submitting your own Love Story of an animal you adopted from us! This submission form will close September 30, 2022, so please get your story in! A member from our team may contact you if more information is required to submit your story to Petco Love.

Helpful Tips

In your submission, please tell us all the ways – big and small – this pet has changed your life for the better. You do not have to be a great writer to submit your story, we have a volunteer who will be editing it before it is submitted! Do not worry about grammar or spelling errors, we will help!

Remember: More than just reciting the facts as they happened, your submission should tell the story of how your adopted pet brightens your life.

OPA Love Story Submission Form

Was the featured pet adopted from Operation Pets Alive?

Is the featured adopter 18 years old or older?

If the featured adopter is under 18 years, do they have parental consent to share their story?

Is the pet featured in the story currently living?

Will you be able to provide us with photos of you and your pet to help illustrate your story, if requested?

Do you, or your legal guardian, a) give your consent for Operation Pets Alive (OPA) to submit your story to Petco Love in an effort to win lifesaving grant awards; and b) understand that OPA will not provide adopters any financial compensation if a grant is won from their story?