Winn Dixie the Medical Foster Dog

Winn Dixie the Medical Foster Dog

Winn Dixie was taken to Conroe Animal Shelter in December after apparently being hit by a car (photo 1). Her injuries exceeded the skillset of a regular hospital and would require a specialist, which unfortunately placed her on the euthanasia list unless a rescue stepped up to back her. OPA answered the call even though we didn’t have a medical foster for her to recover with, which means more bills down the road…

Winn Dixie the Medical Foster Dog

Medical Foster Journey

Winn Dixie was immediately transported to CyFair Animal Hospital where she has spent a week being evaluated and stabilized, x-rays showed a break in her pelvis, and doctors determined that surgery would offer her the best possible recovery.OPA found a hospital to host her surgery and a board certified specialist to perform her surgery. The last thing we needed was a foster to step up! It’s no secret we’ve been searching for new fosters (Interested in fostering? See the link below to sign up!). When we have an orthopedic case like this, we provide you with support of items needed and the specialist provides the information, coaching, and light rehabilitative exercises needed to get the dog back on their feet! A lot of medical fosters are first timers and we try to help them as much as needed!

So is Winn Dixie still in need of a medical foster? NOPE! The hospital staff that hosted her surgery fell in love with her immediately and one of their managers stepped up to foster her! (Thank you Krystal L.!!!) She is now living her best life in foster care and is ready for her next step… ADOPTION!

Winn Dixie is approximately 35 pounds and thought to be a Cocker Spaniel mix. If you are interested in meeting or adopting her, submit an application (no obligation to adopt) with her name and ID D210690.

Considering helping a dog like Winn Dixie, or a non-medical case? We have dogs in need (as well as cats), please sign up to foster!

If you’d like to donate to help cover some of her medical bills, please consider donating through Facebook where we receive 100% of the donation and don’t have to pay any fees:

Medical foster dog Winn Dixie