2020 Numbers & 2021 TNR Update

2020 Numbers & 2021 TNR Update

Because of your support, Operation Pets Alive serviced 2,121 pets from January to December 2020.

We had an intake outcome of 93 lifesaving percentage!

OPA’s trap, neuter and return (TNR) program is thriving in 2021! Our very effective TNR volunteer team works tirelessly to trap homeless cats which are are then taken to be evaluated, neutered, vaccinated and returned to where they were found. TNR allows these cats to live out their lives with better health and less stress, roaming and fighting behaviors over mating. It provides a humane way to help control cat overpopulation, improve the lives of homeless cats and reduce shelter admissions.

Deanna O. - TNR Volunteer

In 2021 OPA’s TNR program has already neutered over 400 cats in Montgomery County with 77 cats being neutered and returned in one weekend in March alone! A few days later volunteer Deanna left to trap 50 more cats!

The TNR program is provided in Montgomery County (excluding the city limits of Conroe and Willis). and the TNR team is working from an already developed list of homeless cat colonies.

Thank you to the dedicated team of TNR volunteers helping our community cats!


  1. Terrisa Goodman

    My name is Terri. For about 3 months now there is a nice couple that has moved onto my front porch. They seem to be very nice he is a solid blk and she is a calico with a bored tail. He has final let me scratch his head . I feed them once and they believe this be their home. I like them here they keep the mice and such away. I’m 58 and fix income. I believe she is pregnant again. I can not afford to get them fixed. My daughter said that the TNR could help. I clan catch them .

    • jacquelyn

      Terri, thanks so much for advocating for these cats. Our Trap-Neuter-Return program is only for residents of Montgomery County.

      The first step is to send and email to info@operationpetsalive.org with with your name, full street address with city and zip code, and a list of the cats. Include as much detail about the cats–how many, ages, sex–as you can. We are all volunteers, and so anything you and your neighbors can do raise any funds to help offset the costs are greatly appreciated. The cats will be spayed or neutered, given a cat vaccine and rabies, and will be eartipped during the surgery so that they can be visually identified as TNR cats, then returned to your location. Keep in mind that there is a wait list.

      You can learn more about our TNR program here: https://operationpetsalive.org/programs/trap-neuter-return/