Laboring Dog Abandoned in the Woods

Laboring Dog Abandoned in the Woods

UPDATED: 11/03/21

We will NEVER understand how people can be so cruel! Friday morning (08/06/21), good samaritans Kevin B. and Katerina S. found this mom and her puppies dumped in a parking lot at the George Mitchell Preserve.

The pair, along with help of OPA volunteer Louis G. and former OPA treasurer Ray Y., got these puppies into the OPA program and out of harms way. Thank you to Rafaella L. and Rebecca F. for finding a foster to take this BIG family in! Mom and her puppies, one of which was born AFTER she was found, are doing well in an OPA foster home!

OPA President Amy summed this situation up perfectly: “I will never understand why anyone would think dumping a dog in a parking lot in the woods while in labor would be a good idea, but for this momma, it may have been her lucky day.”

Rescue is a community effort and together we can make big changes. Please consider donating to help us care for this family. These babies are going to go through quite a bit of food once they start weening!

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Abandoned Mom Update #1: 08/09/21

Indy and her puppies

We can’t thank you all enough for the out pouring of support for this big family. Her foster says Mom is super sweet and starting to destress. She is still a little cautious but now trusts her with the pups enough to eat and leave her foster to watch over them or move them when her area is cleaned. She is definitely heartbroken from being left alone BUT she started wagging her tail when her foster fed her dinner Saturday night.

Her foster added this with her update: “People in the community were so helpful and they donated enough food for the next month (probably) and lots of blankies. They are all for sure super lucky!”

Update #2: 08/19/21

Indy and her litter were transferred to Amy, Indy recognized her from being picked up in the woods and gave a little tail wag to greet her. Amy’s update on the family:

“This poor mom is feeling exhausted trying to keep up with all these babies, but does amazing work anyway. Babies have their eyes open now and are trying to walk. We have 7 girls and 4 boys. A few are attempting to play. Tomorrow morning marks the 2 week anniversary of what might have been her worst day and best day ever – the day one couple changed her life, giving her the chance at a beautiful future. ❤️

Update #3: 08/29/21

Indy’s babies will need their own fosters in the coming weeks. Some fosters have been lined up to take them when weaned and momma Indy is going to Louis G. once babies are done nursing. They are just over 3 weeks so you shouldn’t have them long!

The active babies (and Indy) were moved from their puppy pen in the garage to a more secure puppy pen in foster Amy’s house since they kept breaking out!

Update #4: 08/31/21

The babies enjoy their time outside of the kennel and are very social so they love to interact with their foster, even when she’s trying to clean up after them. Amy shared this: “I had this brilliant idea to put all of them in this flimsy puppy pen while I cleaned the kennel. They are quite advanced for their age. They love the wet food and are occasionally trying out mom’s kibble. They’re playful, silly and sweet…great group of puppies!”

Indy, a dumped pregnant dog

This poor mom is just exhausted. Her babies are tearing her up! Indy enjoys her breaks away.

Update #5: 09/18/21

Puppies abandoned in the woods

Can you believe these precious babies turned 6 weeks old yesterday? Yes, these are some of the puppies that were dumped in the woods, along with their mom who was in labor!

Thank you to Cheryl S. (and her children pictured here) for helping foster some of the puppies and getting them ready to find their #fureverhomes! They aren’t available yet, but look how cute they are! And an extra special thank you to Cheryl for recruiting her friend Lisa D. to help foster! Cheryl and family have these four for a few extra days and then will hand a pair off to Lisa. Thanks to Lisa for stepping up and fostering puppies for your first go with OPA!

If you are interested in fostering, we NEED HELP! Help us save a life, submit an application to foster on our website:

Update #6: 10/12/21

It’s officially Indy’s time to shine! Indy’s puppies are all off finding their own #fureverhomes and it is her turn to finally find a loving, caring family that will never abandon her again! Indy is a friendly, loving, smart, well behaved, mix breed (possibly lab/Staffordshire mix). She’s potty trained, crate trained and walks well on a leash. She’s a fast learner and knows Sit and Stay. She’s quiet around the house and loves to lay near her humans. She gets along well with other dogs, both large and small! She travels well in the car and is approximately 3 years old.

Looking for a new best friend who just wants to give and receive love? Indy’s your girl! Apply on our website (no obligation to adopt) to set up a meet and greet with her! Use her name and ID to help our volunteer that sorts applications – Indy, D210469:

P.S. Her friends shown with her in photo 3, Killian and Rocky, are also available for adoption. Meet all 3 this weekend at Pet Adoptions at PetSmart Portofino (10/16/21). Thanks to Louis G. for fostering this bunch!

Indy was adopted

Adoption Announcement & Update #7: 11/03/21

Mom Indy went from being abandoned in the woods while in labor to being adopted!! Here she is curled up at the foot of her new family’s bed. We are so happy for her! Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped foster Indy and her puppies, and special thanks to her foster Louis G. who got her to the finish line! Indy was adopted by one of our volunteer’s relatives so we hope to receive occasional updates on her. If we do, we’ll be sure to share them so be sure and follow us on Facebook @OPATexas!

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