OPA Barn Cats are Willing to Work for Their Keep!

OPA Barn Cats are Willing to Work for Their Keep!

Why Barn Cats?

Our Barn Cats are healthy, spayed/neutered cats that are in need of primarily outdoor homes. These cats are not lap cats, they prefer environments where they can exercise their natural, free spirits. Barn Cats are semi-feral kitties, and are not suitable for indoor only homes. Ideal homes for these cats are farms/ranches, horse stables, warehouses, and other outdoor locations. They thrive in environments were they can hunt down rodents and snakes, which benefits you and your property as well! These animals still need food and water every day, as well as protection from potential predators and shelter as necessary (such as a barn). 

Barn cats are great companions for other animals on your property, they help keep rodent and pest control away and they even save you money! Why? Because each rodent they eat and each bug they deter is one less pest consuming your feed! Feral cats, particularly, do not do well in shelters. Our Barn Cat program is usually the only option for these cats. The best part, you are saving a homeless animal’s life!

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We have many Barn Cats needing a job to do and a place to call home. Barn Cats just do better in pairs, they acclimate to their new environments more easily, and have one another for company. We recommend you adopt two!

*Barn Cats can be adopted in pairs, for a donation to Operation Pets Alive. Adoption includes spay/neuter, ear tip, vaccinations and very specific instructions for acclimating your barn cat to its new surroundings. Caregiver must provide daily food and water, protection from elements and predators, and vet care as necessary.