Summer School for Dogs

Summer School for Dogs

We are in need of help sending some of our dogs to summer school!

OPA has several dogs that would greatly benefit from training to increase confidence and social skills. SUMMER SCHOOL with an experienced dog trainer will give them the best chance of success in their forever homes!

Currently OPA has Charlie who completed two months of board and train, Buck will be going soon and Otto, Belle and Coby are scheduled for upcoming assessments. They could possibly need a month of board and train, as well. One month of board and train costs OPA $1,200 per dog!

OPA uses professional dog trainers that we have worked with for years and we are confident they use appropriate techniques to get the best results. Dog training has many benefits that can help these dogs get adopted:

  • It builds up a dog’s confidence
  • Will help create a stronger bond between a dog and their adopter
  • Will help reduce unwanted or unpleasant behavior
  • Can increase a dog’s sociability
  • Increases safety
  • Makes it easier for pet professionals to work with a dog (vets, groomers, etc.)

Please help OPA provide these dogs with the skills they need to be successful in their forever homes by sending them to summer school!

Buck’s Summer School Session

Training will help Buck increase his confidence around new people and dogs so that he can feel comfortable when he has new experiences. During his training sessions, Buck will work on:

  • Barking at visitors
  • Leash reactivity
  • Reactivity to strangers

Buck loves to sleep in a cozy spot and be tucked in with his blanket! He’s mostly low energy, content to be with his foster family and loves laying in the sun watching birds. Buck’s skills include knowing where to potty (outside!), being crate trained, and he plays well with a dog he is familiar with. He can also sit and shake hands!

Belle’s Summer School Session

Training will help Belle increase her confidence and reduce her fear of other dogs. During training, Belle will work on:

  • Dog reactivity
  • Barking

Belle is wonderful with humans of all varieties. She is gentle, friendly and loves toys of all kinds. She’ll take all the toys and put them in her kennel or take them outside. Belle loves being outside, laying in the grass and playing with her toys. Her skills include being adorable, knowing where to potty (outside!), being comfortable in her kennel, and she is submissive and able to get along with other dogs once she gets to know them.

Please consider donating to our Summer School Dog Training Fund to help these dogs and the others that are waiting their turn for training! Training can make the world of difference for dogs, and it can truly save and change their lives!

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